In defence of Munachi Abii: “The pictures are absolutely fantastic!” – By Ezenwa Chukwu.

Munachi Abii, our sister from Ezinihitte Mbaise  warmed her way into the hearts of many  when she emerged Winner of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant in 2007.

When she released these photographs celebrating her 25th birthday on Monday,   the heavy backlash from critics muted  voices of her well wishers.

Out of the 700+ comments posted on the IMO STATE BLOG community page, one voice stood out in her defense. Read below.

The problem with most Nigerians is that they never mean what they say and never say what they mean. Most times saying something else while having smtim else in mind. 


Every individual person has a “competitive advantage” and this is hers so why begrudge her her God given cleavage? Would anyone rather prefer “lemon” Oromankirisi” instead?. 

Once a woman exposes any part of her body she is branded a harlot, prostitute et al because we are bound in and held down by mundane and obsolete ideas called culture because we prefer everything done secretly. 

Put an average 18 year old from Nigeria side by side with an 18 year old from America what you’ll see is one absolutely in FEAR and the other as bold and as courageous as anything.

We have to unchain ourselves from some of the silly inhibitions holding us down in the name of culture. I love the photo. END OF STORY.”


Who else has anything to say?



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