INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY: Nigeria’s problems won’t be permanent – says Governor Okorocha

Governor Rochas Okorocha has said that the economic problems being experienced in the country at the moment won’t be permanent, adding that with the policies and well articulated plans put together by the current administration, the economic challenges facing the nation now will soon be a thing of the past.


The governor gave the assurance in his address weekend, at the 56th Independence Anniversary held at the Heroes Square Owerri, stressing that “this is not the period or time to discuss the country’s failures but a time to discuss what must be done to move the nation forward”.

“Yes we are passing through trials at the moment. But let me remind all of us that great nations of the world once passed through this stage before getting to their point of greatness. So, Nigeria will not be an exemption. All we need do is to have unity of purpose to move the nation forward”.

“In Imo State, we have tried to contribute our quota by providing the much needed dividends of democracy in all we have promised our great people of Imo State. It is a fact that today Imo state has witnessed unprecedented level of development in all dimensions. Worthy to mention is the free education at all levels from primary, secondary to University in this State. Our landscape is continually changing and our city looking better for it”.


“I agree with all of us that we are not there yet, but we are laying the basic foundation upon which other subsequent governments must build on if we must get to the Promised Land. Therefore, I enjoin Nigerians today to pray for this great nation and our states, particularly our brothers and sisters in the North-East who are having sleepless nights as a result of Boko Haram and other challenges”.

“We in Imo State are lucky and we give God all the thanks for having made it possible for us to conquer our boko haramic situation by letting the militants and avengers of Ohaji/Egbema and Oguta hand over their arms for amnesty”.

“This we must accept as a no means great achievement. We also urge the Boko Haramists, other militants and agitators from other parts of the Southeast and South-South to follow suit. It is only then we can build the Nigeria of our collective hope and aspirations”.

To Imo people he said, “For me particularly and personally as your governor, I have come to take that radical step to make the state better. In doing so, many may not understand me. I see not tomorrow, I see hundred years to come. Therefore, my government is not only for this generation but generation yet unborn. I urge all of you to support this Rescue Mission agenda as we move our state forward”. 

To the children he said “we will soon hand over the nation to you, where we have failed as your parents, you cannot afford to fail, you must all work hard to build the Nigeria of our collective dreams and aspirations. You must stand firm and never repeat the mistakes of your past leaders. Nigeria is on the path of greatness”.



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