Is it time to dissolve Nigeria?


Yet again they died. They died not because they were guilty. They died because a sect of warped souls has taken it upon themselves to unleash terror on the innocents even in the holy temple of the Almighty God. The sectarian killings, yes, sectarian murdering laced in political garb, have continuously gone on since the last general elections that gave President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan victory to pilot the affairs of Nigeria from Aso Presidential Villa.

Boko Haram insurgents proclaim discordant reasons for their evil acts. But no doubt, their fundamental reason is more political at the onset. However, with the incessant targeting of Christians in the pursuit of their political goal, Boko Haram has missed its mark and is gradually sliding the country on the path of religious war. The mustard seed of political thugs sown by political gladiators in the past has matured into present giant oak of political terrorism seriously threatening the existence of the country and even of those that planted it.

I doubt if any country fights religious war and survives. If it does, the injurious scares may be too gapping to heal and vanish. The cost of sectarian war is more than that of political war. Nigeria appears to be enmeshed in political war that is gradually metamorphosing into sectarian war. Will Nigeria survive political religious war? I have my doubts.

President Jonathan appears to be at a loss as to how to contain Boko Haram terrorists. He has made several promises to silence the terror group insurgency but the promises and assurances have been kept in the breach, sadly. So far, no one has been prosecuted for unjustly and brutally snuffing life out of many. No one has been made to dance the music of justice for maiming fellow citizens without cause. No one has been held judicially responsible for destroying properties of other Nigerians. So far, no one has been named and shamed by the President who claims to know those who are wrecking and ratchetting up terror in the land.

Since independence, the blood of the innocents have for too long watered the land of Nigeria in the quest for elusive unity. I do not understand why such avoidable reckless wastage of human lives and properties should be allowed to continue in the face of lacklustre efforts by those who are supposed to nip it in the bud. I wonder if it is compulsory for Nigeria to remain one indivisible country at the expense of the vulnerable poor, while the fortified rich enjoy their Sardanapalian lifestyle.

Truth is that Nigeria is not one country. We may pretend that it is but pretence is not reality. The use of ‘state of origin’ and ‘federal character’ in appoints and promotions among centrifugal indices are pointers that we are not one country. The ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, unconstitutional decision to choose who becomes the President of Nigeria on the basis of ‘ North’ and ‘South’ regions of the country is another testimonial of our variegated nationhood. Those who want to be politically correct may lampoon this granite truth. But truth is constant.

Given the present political reality of Nigeria, I think serious consideration should be given to the benefits or otherwise of Nigeria remaining one indivisible entity. Is it better to be in one Nigeria with potency of degenerating into an enclave of sectarian war or to now dismember peacefully? Is it better to remain in one Nigeria where people live in palpable fear to worship their God at designated places or to dissolve the present entity to avoid religious war? Is it better to remain together in a country where the vestiges of diversity are constitutional acknowledged even while pretending that they are not there or to call a spade a spade and allow the federating units go their separate ways in peace?
I think it is better to take the option of going the way of Soviet Union, Kosovo and Sudan instead of allowing escalation of violence which is what reprisal attacks occasioned by mindless Boko Haram insurgency will soon result in. It is better President Ebele Jonathan superintends the peaceful dismembering of Nigeria than see the baton of authority slip away from him into staccato orgy of national violence. I would he rather superintends the peaceful parting of ways by the nationalities that make up Nigeria than brutal wasting of human lives under his watch. Will the fragile cord of unity holding the pseudo entity called Nigeria endure for long? Nigeria: Time to Dissolve? Time will tell.


Submitted by Okey Ifeachor.



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