Late Boko Haram leader’s family gets N100 million. Dear Mr. President, what about their victims?

A few days ago, it was reported that the family of the slain BOKO HARAM leader, Malam Mohammed Yusuf was paid the sum of N100 Million naira as compensation for his death. This was paid out by the Borno State government.

The same Government that should be persecuting them is compensating them for their loss. How does one begin to explain that?


If we have a N100 million naira to compensate one family over the death of their son who was a terrorist leader, I just want to know if the Federal Government has any intention to compensate the families of their numerous attacks.


Also, who will be compensating the families of those  non-violent protesters   killed by the Police during the OCCUPY NIGERIA peaceful protests? What role does oppression have to play in a democratically elected government in the first instance?

You see,  these are some of the actions that make me want to pull out my hair. Just as I posted on my personal Facebook page. Quote:


Anytime I raise up an issue on President Jonathan, it seems as if I was recruited to label him bad for the whole world to see. God in heaven knows that that is not the case.

So, we have enough Military to be sent into the Streets to prevent unarmed citizens from expressing their democractic rights… What has kept Presido from sending the Military to tackle the dangerous BOKO HARAM sect in the North? HELLO?



 Mr. President should  not allow himself to be misguided by power drunk  sycophants who have no regard for the welfare of the common man.  It is said that “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” and we agree but , Mr.President must always remember that to whom much is given, much is expected.

Let it be known that the Youth of today will no longer fold their hands and watch!  I rest my pen.



Joi John



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