Matters arising: Incompetent road contractors in Imo State, the discontinued stipends etc

Food for thought: Where are the gains of contracting individuals and companies who have not done road construction before to do such service to Imo? We do not have one completed road project in IMO since may 2011 to date..

Why did the stipend promised pupils, aimed at propelling them go to school discontinued, despite initial criticism that trailed the concepts? How long did it last?

Do you think Imo can afford free education at tertiary level considering the state of our economy? Would it not be better, the government provided financial aid to qualifying student for university education? financial aid in terms of loans and grants modeled the USA way? After graduation, provide them payment plans once they start working. What is the reality check on the fourth tier government of IMO state?


I would have expected the administration to strengthen the localities by localizing industries which is a proven antidote to city migration, with the investment trips galore of the present administration, where are the investors? Has any LGA has seen one industry?

The model school prototype being built at former township school in wethedral road, why is the contractor unable to complete a project of blocks and roofs in record time? yet it is just a building which the government has made so much noise about.

Everything the administration has started, has never ended.. they blame weather for road construction, what about the school project, bringing in investors, creating jobs, accepting and evaluating proposals that can help the state rather than sit on them because the presenter is not their main man?

Odinaka Robert Uchewuakor



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