MATTERS ARISING: Our Progress Reports section, Critics of the Administration, echetaram echetaghi m’s!

Dear readers,


We value the opinion of our readers and  welcome the expression of those opinions in our posts at all times. In my humble capacity as Editor, I have deemed it appropriate to address the issues raised in the post below by one of our loyal readers.

Desmond wrote:


@joi john I wonder what happened to the progress report column. I have personally mailed you concerninig that but I have not seen any recent update on that column since then.
All I see recently on this blog is criticisms. You seem to be giving this critics more space here.

I understand the need for freedom of speech, information and communication but its abuse will do our nascent democracy more harm than good.

Nonconstructive media criticisms can bring even the best government down on its knees.


1. The Progress report section was stalled due to circumstances beyond our control. Biko gbahara anyi. We acknowledge the several requests and we are working to resume updates  in no distant time. Meanwhile, if you come across any  project and want to share it with the audience, please submit your report to imostateblog at gmail dot com.


2. The IMO STATE BLOG website will continue to serve as a neutral platform for all Imolites to express themselves. This is not a “one man show”. The blog is for all of us so if you find any information posted here different from your own perspective, we invite you to share your views as well.


3. Yes. Nonconstructive media criticism is strong enough to cripple even the best government however, it will be unfair to refrain from publishing articles because they do not sing in favour of the Governor.  That does not mean we publish everything that is sent to us. We peruse through each article before we publish. If there are articles we feel were just written to ridicule or insult the Governor, we simply hit the IGNORE button and keep it moving. There have been many of such instances.



Also, it is important to note that our job is to disseminate  information.  It is not in our place to counter negative articles reported here or anywhere else. We have an erudite Commissioner for Information in the person of Dr. Obinna Duruji. The no- nonsense Commissioner is at his best at all times but he can only do so much. 



Apart from that, let’s not forget that the Governor also  has a Media team that is PAID to watch his back in the Media. It falls solely on them to defend their salaries by protecting the Governor’s interest in the Media.  Not everything deserves a response but Politics needs more than  a “cold water” Media approach.


Governor Okorocha is WORKING!! His Administration is WORKING!! So, whereby they see or read anything that aims at ridiculing the Governor’s efforts , they should carry their pen and match the Critic fire for fire! In the words of  Joseph Goebbels, a lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth! That should be the guiding principle! Shikena!!



Not too long ago, one of the spokespersons for the Okorocha Administration (name withheld)  was asked to clarify details on the E-learning  programme introduced by the Governor, the response we got was that  the Okorocha Administration was not internet based and “they” did not want to get involved with such questions because citizens will keep asking for more clarification. Our contact suggested that the  person should comeback and see things for themselves.



Why then are we bothering ourselves with negative information that pops up on the internet from a critic? Just like the spokesperson advised, if there is anything you read on the internet that you want to clarify, please come back home and see things for yourself. Remember that even though the State Government has an online presence, we have been told that the Okorocha Administration is not internet based.

Udo diri unu !

 Joi John



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