May I ask Mr.Chinedu Offor a question, who is lying here? EFCC, Zenith Bank or Imo State Govt?

May I ask mr Chinedu Offor a question, who is lying here, EFCC, Zenith bank or Imo state government? No one can tell me that Ohakim misappropriated 6.something billion and Rochas paid it without question.

Zenith bank is a modern bank with computers and not with tallies. If 27 hospitals has been built,why then did he want to hand the 11 existing ones over to his mallam friend to explore claiming that Imo state is finding it difficult funding them ?

I havent been to Orlu in the last 12 months,but the last time i was there,what i saw was houses being knocked down after ITC park. Lies breeds more lies till you get confused. Rochas is not the only governor who is not from PDP in Nigeria,so lets dump that PDP witch-hunt in the trash bin. There are alot of unholy things going on in Imo state. People failed totally in apportioning blames to where it should.

Rochas is on the lips of everyone because he made more promises than he can fulfill,he should carry the blame for that. Again,he is not using his personal fortune to work in Imo state,he is using state funds and the law requires a strict record-keeping. Lets quit blaming others for our faults and blunders. If he felt that Ohakim was dirty,he should have probed him before now as he promised and there would have been lots of respects for him,but it looks like he didnt do that because once he got his paws on the 13.5 billion,he flew of the handle with reckless spendings.

– By: Anthony Odiraa Felix



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