Mbano Youths confront Gov. Ikedi Ohakim. Protest theme: What did you do for us in the past 4 years

The Youth in Okohia, Isiala Mbano get Liver sha. The insult His Excellency, Gov. Ikedi Ohakim collected  last sunday in their hands was out of this world, I just can’t shout.

It was reported that a group of angry Youths in the community barricaded the entrance to the Church where Gov.Ohakim was scheduled to hold a Thanksgiving service.Just as Gov.Ohakim was approaching the Parish, the Youths stormed the premises and started breaking windows and chased away the Priests who were going to officiate the Service. It didn’t end there.

The fearless youth openly confronted Gov.Ohakim and demanded an explanation of what he had done for the  Community in the Past four years he served as Governor of the State.  His Excellency’s brother who also doubles as the Chief of Staff to the IMO STATE GOVERNMENT stepped in to intervene, the Youths did not hesitate to repeat their question in his face.

When the Gov.Ohakim and his entourage saw that the youths were not smiling, they quietly reversed and headed back to his Compound.

Na wa o ..that was serious but abeg, we need to cool down. I’m beginning to feel sorry. I think Gov.Ohakim has taken enough of the humiliating insults in the past few days. His Fan page on Facebook has been swarmed with all kind of insulting messages. It’s unfair.

We should remember that this is someone’s Father. He may have not been the best Governor Imo State ever had but, atleast he brought some positive development to the State.

Now everyone has jumped on to the bandwagon of Our Governor -elect, H.E Rochas Okorocha,  why did we wait till now to challenge Gov.Ohakim if we felt he didnt perform?

It didn’t have to take this long to hold this protest. Please allow the man to go and Thank his God o jare!. Its not easy. If for anything, he’s grateful for LIFE!

On the other hand,  I really hope that this serves as an eye opener to our Politicians. Please remember us in your days of abundance that we may also accomodate and embrace you in your days of _______________.

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