More details on the partnership between Imo State and Kosovo.

Imo state government and the Republic of Kosovo have entered into partnership in the areas of Industrialization, Agriculture and construction of an Independent Power Plant in the state.

The state governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha disclosed this at the Government House, Owerri while briefing newsmen shortly after his return from an economic trip to Europe.


Gov. Okorocha said that the state government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government of Kosovo in the areas of industrialization, agriculture and establishment of independent power plant in order to boost the economy of the state.

“In fact we have miraculously agreed for the first time to join what is called Slovenia Imo Kosovo Forum for Development,” he said.

The governor stated that he was able to visit one of the Airports in Slovenia which he said that the government of Slovenia has promised to establish in Imo state to enable the state export its agricultural products to Slovenia and Kosovo without any intermediary.

 “What is ahead is to make Imo Airport and International Airport which we are going to do as soon as possible,” he added.

“Once we put all the structures in place the first aircraft will take off from here to Europe which will make the whole matter easy for development”.


The governor also disclosed that he visited United Kingdom to finalize the agreement with the British government concerning the RJ5 Aircraft which the state government is procuring, adding that Imo Airline will soon be established in the state.


He made it clear that the present administration is focusing more attention on the area of Industrialization, Agriculture and to provide enabling environment for investors to invest in the state so that the state will meet up with its capital projects.


The governor said a lot of people are coming to invest in the state from Kosovo, Slovenia, Europe and Turkey.  He explains that out of 100% of fund that comes to Imo state as revenue, 85% of them go for payment of salaries and that if industries are not established, the government will find it difficult to meet up with the capital projects.

Chikaodi Emenalom (Mrs.)
For: SSA Media to the Governor
27th March, 2012



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