MOTHERS DAY: Chief of Staff, Prince Eze Madumere charges women to be society builders.

Chief of Staff to the Governor, Prince Eze Madumere, on Sunday, March 25, 2012, called on Nigerian women never to jettison their primary responsibilities of building great Societies and making great minds.


Speaking during Mothers’ Day Celebration at ST. BENIGNUS Catholic Parish, Ihitte Isi Mbieri, Imo State, he narrated the need for women to remember that what our societies become is a function of the quality of upbringing and value impacted to the children. He said that nature has made it that women are great managers of human beings and that is why the children are mostly found closer to their mothers all for that care and impactation of great ideals.



He decried the spate of decadence in the society owing to what he described as dereliction of their traditional duty. His words:

“These days, it is all about  career and love of oneself. We abandon our God given role of building great  leaders. The consequences are always regrettable. We will be the first to cry when we discover that things have gone wrong.” I charge you this day as Great Mothers’ and Great Builders of Great Societies to rise to the occasion and make our State Imo and our Country Nigeria what they deserve and have in their reserve great minds to take over from the present crop of leaders.”


He also called on men never to become so irresponsible that they leave everything for women to handle.

“We as men have our great role to play as well. God made us the head, not by mere words of mouth. We need to take charge and knock everything into shape. I must tell you that the best training is our life style. If we lead an exemplary life, then, it is easier for us men, too, to tell others even our children about what we consider the best approach to life.”


Chief of Staff, Prince Eze Madumere and the TC Chairman, Obowo Local Government Area being welcomed and honoured by the Catholic Women Organisation of, ST. BENIGNUS CATHOLIC PARISH, Ihitte Isi,  Mbieri during the 2012 Mother’s Day Celebration.

Chief of Staff, Prince Eze Madumere with his Special Assist. Hon. Emeka Ajih and his entourage being led by the celebrating Mothers to the Church Auditorium.

Chief of Staff, Prince Eze Madumere and the Parish Priest, Very Rev, Fr. Gerry Amadi flanked by members of the women leaders and men leaders of St. Benignus Catholic Church during, the cutting of the Cake, which was the highpoint of the event.




Uche Onwuchekwa

Office of the Chief of Staff


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