Ndi Imo, let us join hands to remind Owelle that he needs to rescue us before we sink.

I am so sure that 100% of supporters of Rochas in this blog are all those in diaspora who are not on ground to witness first hand the suffering imolites are going through.

We all are well aware that for the first time we all came out en mass and voted Rochas to rescue us from the shackles of wickedness from the past administration.

So far, all we are saying is that there is actually nothing on ground to merit the kind of media hype this administration has received in terms of massive road construction and other developmental projects.

I have been in owerri since Owelle was sworn in and i can authoritatively tell you that i have not seen any meaningful developmental; project. We should learn to tell ourselves the truth and learn to criticize the government constructively so that they can provide the dividents of democracy to every one of us.

Almost the entire Owerri municipal is very dirty, the almighty Okigwe road is bad and and we are alomost loosing everywhere to flooding, works layout is another lake, my brothers and sisters let us all join hands to remind Owelle that he needs to rescue us so that we dont sink. –




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