NIGERIA @ 52: What are the challenges hindering our development?

In your opinion, what are some of the challenges hindering our development as a great nation?

While you ponder over the question, here are some reactions from our affiliate page – POLITICS NIGERIA


Nigeria @52, how far have we gone? No electricity, no good roads, no good public schools and hospitals, no good drinking water, no security and no good governance. We need moral change by the leadership that are only desperate to accumulate wealth in order to keep their positions tight and safe. It is a shame!!! –Jibrin Mohammed



 We Nigerian must rise up to claim our country from these greedy leaders! Enough ! Nigeria is our land and we must stand up for it. May God of Israel bless Nigeria my home, sweet home. – Bishop Enoch Ojukwu, Resurrection Chapel (USA)


A nation though endowed, but greatly deprived in all facets,not by it’s creator. Our actions covertly or overtly contributed to its abysmal failure,yet we do not have any country than it. Arise oh compatriots. –Isa Mohammed


Fellow Nigerians, where do we go from here?




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