Nigeria trusted you sir but, you failed us! – Youths take on Pres.Jonathan

Yesterday, the Supreme courts upheld the victory of President  Jonathan in the April 16th elections. It will be recalled that the election resultes were  challenged by CPC Presidential Candidate, Muhammadu Buhari.

Overjoyed by the outcome of the court ruling, our President took to his facebook page to spread the good news.

Dear friends and fellow Nigerians, the Supreme Court has given its verdict on the April 2011 Presidential elections and this judgment corroborates the verdict of Nigerians and the vast majority of International Observers and the World Community who hailed those elections as water shed elections that were the freest and fairest since Nigeria returned to civil rule.

There necessarily has to be an end to every matter and since the Supreme Court is final in the adjudication process we must now put the elections and partisanship behind us and focus entirely on nation building. I again say to my brother, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) that my arms are opened up to you and all your supporters. As I said in the past and still say again, in a competition amongst brethren, there can be no victor of vanquished. 

On nation building, I must now urge that all hands must be on deck. Every grudge that arose out of the crisis of expectation coming out of the last Presidential election must now be soothed not nursed. Under my watch, there will be no finger pointing. 

We were all touched by the recent terrorist attacks that occurred on a day we were meant to be celebrating the Prince of Peace.

The reactions have been many. But one thing we must take hold of is that incidents like that should not make us turn on each other rather we must turn to each other. We must have a united approach to fighting terrorism instead of a unit reaction. We must work in synch with each other and let those behind the attacks know that if they think they have broken our resolve they are of all men most mistaken.

Dear friends and Nigerians, there is work to be done, let us do it together. I wish you all a happy new year in advance, but know that it will be a year of work, a year of progress and a year that will be dedicated to consolidating our unity. God bless you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. GEJ


 Which one is “All hands must be on deck” ?

 How many hands are chopping the N1 Billion naira feeding allowance with him and Uncle Sambo? Those are the hands that need to be on deck!!

Moving ahead. Mr.President got more than he bargained for when the comments started pouring in. Here are some of the hilarious responses that caught our attention.

 LOL@ ” Bros J, na till explosion happen for your bedroom…” I know that this is not a laughing matter but sorry, couldnt resist. God help Nigeria ooooooo. God help Pres.Jonathan.


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