Nigeria’s Insecurity can only be resolved through a collective effort. – Sen. Hope Uzodinma

As we proffer ways to combat terrorist activities in the country, the Distinguished Senator representing Imo West Senatorial zone calling for support for Nigerian Military against Insurgency.

In a recent interview, Uzodinma who expressed confidence in the Army called on Nigerian’s to realize that the problem does not rest with President Goodluck Jonathan alone.

 “If we fold our hands and think that this problem belongs to only Mr. President or to the government of the day, then we are not being real. The most important thing now is for us to begin to acknowledge the seriousness of this matter and to understand that it is only through collective effort that this matter will be resolved.

“I have confidence in our army, I have confidence in our security system and because America is coming to help and France is coming to help, Israel is coming to help does not mean that our military is not capable. It is not the first time we are seeing alliances. In the Falkland War we had alliances with Britain and France, in Vietnam War, we had alliances, so it is a convention. The essence of the United Nations is to create this synergy and cooperation among nations….” he said.




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