Nwosu mourns late Philanthropist, Ndubuisi Emenike in emotional tribute.

Tributes are pouring in for late Ndubuisi Emenike who succumbed to gunshot wounds allegedly fired by his security detail. Governorship candidate of the Action Alliance, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu just shares an emotional tribute to mourn him.

Otootonwa my beloved brother,

If I have to count my most trusted allies, I would count you more than once. You were more than a political Ally, but a friend, a brother and a true patriot.

You traversed the Imo political terrains with me. You believed in my vision for a greater Imo and you put everything you could into my governorship project.

You told me that I was your inspiration for getting into politics. You loved Imo, you had great plans for our dear State and you were a youth who desired that all the youths, prosper.

I can’t believe that I am writing about you in past tense. I can’t believe that you can no longer take my calls and call me your big brother. I can’t believe that life has been snuffed out of you in these circumstances, and at a time when we are jubilating at the successes of our Party.

Otootonwa my brother, I am saddened, I am heartbroken and I am devastated. If there is any little breath in you, please, break free from the wicked hold of death and come back to us. Imo needs you, Nigeria needs you and the world really needs your kind heartedness. Good night 😭

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