OKIGWE: As Uwajumogu battles Achonu, who will be the last man standing? – Joi John

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The people of Okigwe Senatorial zone head back to the polls on saturday, February 20th for the re-run elections. Not a word has been heard from the Accord candidate whose matter presented to the Court led to the nullification. Anyway, with Mazi Clem Owunna (APGA)  declining to participate, the two heavy weight champions who will battle it out for us on Saturday are former Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly, Rt.Hon.Benjamin Uwajumogu and Senator Athan Achonu.

There have been loads of mudslinging from both camps.

ben uwajumoguAccording to #TeamUwajumogu, out of 65 Plenary sessions in the Red chamber, Senator Achonu only attended 13 times. In other words, he was absent from ‘class ‘ 52 times.  It doesn’t end there, there is also this talk that the distinguished Senator Achonu never moved a motion in the senate after 7 months. Even at that, he is yet to setup a constituency office. They pointed out that while other Senators  struggled to clinch chairmanship of some juicy committees, Sen.Achonu only managed to secure the Vice Chairmanship of the committee on Climate change.

To this writer, that last bit is irrelevant as long as the elected lawmaker works to represent the interest of his immediate constituency, it really doesn’t matter what committee they get into at the Senate. Anyway…


Achonu#TeamAchonu is certainly not lying down low. They have also hit town with a million and one reasons why Chief Uwajumogu is unfit to represent Okigwe zone.

Among the ‘reminders’ being passed around, they say it was the former speaker that passed the abortion bill through various readings and then sent it to the Executive arm for ratification.

They again pointed accusing fingers at Chief Uwajumogu for passing the resolution which according to them unjustly impeached the former deputy governor, Jude Agbaso in 2012.

Both  Senator Athan Achonu and Rt.Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu have contributed immensely to the lives of Okigwe people however, Imo North has only one seat. Who will be the last man standing?

Joi John



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