Okigwe Senate 2015: Mazi Clement Owunna will bring change – By Kenkwo Kesaandu

owunna bannerIt is true that less that two weeks from today,we shall all go to decide who shall represent us at the RED CHAMBERS for the next four years and our decision come February 14th will either make or mare our zone.If we makes mistakes,posterity shall never forgive us.

owunna wave
Having critically judged all aspirants,without bias and putting sentiments aside,only one man stands to bring the change we all need.Many of them have been given chances to effectively represent their people but it is so unfortunate that they never lived up to expectation.

As a bonafide son of Okigwe Zone who hails from Okigwe South Fed.Constituency,Ihitte/Uboma LGA to be precised ,I am in the best position to talk about some aspirants who wants to represent us in the Senate.The SENATE CHAMBERS is not a place where someone who is not intellectually balanced to be because all we desire now is someone who has the interest of my people 90percent at heart .Like i always say,Okigwe zone is is a very organized senatorial zone who believes in justice,equity and fairness.


All we are looking at is the aspirants pedigree and antecedents.We want someone that the unemployment rate in the zone is giving sleepless night,someone who believes in “teaching how to fish and not giving fish” .Honestly,our dear zone needs total and absolute rejuvenation.We need an Okigwe zone that posterity would be proud of.

It is true we all want change and tends to follow the road that leads to change but the question is this:who can lead us to the change we all are clamoring for?

There is one man who knows the road to change,a man who has all it takes upstairs,a man who is an epitome of credibility,sagacity,competency,he is MAZI CLEMENT I. OWUNNA(MFR)

If truly you have the interest of OKIGWE ZONE at heart,come Feb.14th,vote APGA,vote MAZI CLEMENT I. OWUNNA and posterity shall never forget you for being a part of this change.

Written by: Kenkwo Kingsley Kesaandu



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