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With a heavy heart, we  join the rest of the nation in mourning the passengers of the Dana Air crash that occurred yesterday, June 3rd 2012 in Lagos State. Out of the many notable fatalities listed, the tragedy also claimed the life of Prof.Celestine Onwuliri, former Vice Chancellor of F.U.TO and husband to the Honourable Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Prof.Mrs.Viola Onwuliri.

Quoting a publication in ECUMODEF, Prof  Onwuliri’s numerous accomplishments ranged from  his contributions to the educational institutions which he headed in Jos and Owerri to his humanitarian contributions in the fight to eradicate River blindness in Nigeria.


As Vice Chancellor of the prestigeous Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Prof. Celestine Onwuliri  is credited to have transformed the institution by completing over fifty infrastructural projects which included the erection of structures for faculties, departments, the tarring of roads to aid accessibility and the development of a staff quarters.


Prof.  Onwuliri  served  as Honorable Commissioner for Information, Culture, Youth and Sports and also Honorable Commissioner for Agriculture. During his tenure in the Youth & Sports Ministry, he hosted the most successful National Sports event, Imo 98. He wrote several publications in the fields of Zoology and Parasitology. Before his untimely death, he was also a renowned ALOHA (Alumni of High Achievement) of the University of Nigeria Alumni Association.



 Born February 17th, 1952, Prof. Celestine Onwuliri bows out at the age of 60. A more detailed profile of his input here on earth can be seen in the   Curriculum Vitae  below.


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What a life wasted!!

He did not deserve to die like this. None of the victims deserved this.   Ofcourse, Plane crashes occur everywhere in the world but this particular tragedy could have been abated if stricter regulations were in place to guarantee safety of Air commuters. When will Nigeria begin to value the life of her citizens?

We remember those who perished in their homes as well. Our deepest sympathies go out to all the families that lost their loved ones in the fatal crash. We pray the Almighty to give them the strength to pull through this difficult time.



O death! where is thy sting? O grave! where is thy victory?




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