Onwubuariri: A ‘Ghana must go’ House of Reps member – says Constituent


A house of rep member that can’t even repair the road in the front of his house and his fathers house and also his village market square Amaraku.

It is a shameful thing that isiala mbano has a house of Representatives member and our Amaraku road which is a federal road has turned into a death trap for us even the road in front his house and fathers house is nothing to write home about.

Amaraku road has turned into something else and our house of Representatives member is doing nothing about it because he is not feeling the pain the people of okigwe North federal constituency is feeling, he has turned his back at the good people of okigwe North federal constituency who voted him in 2015

For me as a true son of isiala mbano i think that Obinna Onwubuariri has failed us because i cannot see why we have a House of rep member and we still suffer, for me i think he is incapable of that position and should be send parking in 2019.

Onwubuariri appeared vum in house of reps in 2015 and by 2019 he will disappear Vam

From Chineke Princewill.
Obollo Ward, Ugiri Isiala mbano.
Polling booth number 006



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