Open Letter to Chief Athan Achonu and his Godfather – By Prof.Nnamdi Obiaraeri

Dear Athan!

obiaraeriYou lied that you are for the masses when you are a godfather trying to become a monster (eze onyeagwalam). Your action of disconnecting with the masses within your ill-fated six months sojourn in the Senate bears eloquent testimony to your dictatorial tendencies.

Within this same period, you showed clear signs that you cannot cope with the demands of the job of a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria- no bills, no motions, no constituency briefing, no Chairmanship of any substantive or adhoc committees, no congressional respect or national political visibilty.

Thank goodness for the opportunity of this 20 February re-run.

You lied that you hate godfathers and once described Ohakim in unpalatable terms but you have now turned round to embrace Ohakim as your godfather. What a volte face!

My brother, please tell the world what you are doing with Ohakim the godfather and the 10Kg bags of rice you have been carrying around. Is that how low you think of the people you want to represent? Na waoh…We will not allow you to cheapen our people. We will eat the rice, after all it is our money, and speak with our votes.

We will rewrite our sorry narrative by supporting ‪#‎Uwajumogu‬ ‪#‎APC‬. Representation is about the people and access of the people to their representative.

Prof. Nnamdi Obiaraeri



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