Open Letter to Gov.Rochas Okorocha on the penury of Imo citizens – Prof.Donald Igwe

Dear Governor Rochas Okorocha,



Please permit me to write this missive to you because of penury Imo citizens are facing now.

First of all, you falsely claimed that you are paying billions of Naira debt incurred by Ohakim, but you refused to give us evidence.

You closed down Imo State for your birthday thereby denying businesses of their livelihood, denying students to go to school, and other horrible impact of that decision. You are bent on destroying Imo State.

You destroyed Imo people by dangerously simulating Ohakim’s voice using computer-aided device portraying Ohakim as abusing Imo people.

You took after the fake tape conversation of 1984 by Reagan and Thatcher which the observer described as a dastardly plot put together by members of a gang known as Grass in a farmhouse in the small English town of Epping, Essex just outside London.

You have within 30 days of office sold/leased the legislators quarters in Owerri to yourself without any payment.

You terminated the flyovers in Owerri and all major contracts.

You have failed to distinguish between governance and campaign.

In one of your earlier meetings with the traditional council, you falsely claimed that you have been saving the sum of N150m per day since you took office. The saving you claimed came from frivolous Ohakim expenditure. You knew you were lying to the people.

You have also in a public speech said the total income of Imo State is N2.2b per month. Where is the money now? If you have been saving N150m per day, you will have N4.5b per month of savings. You have made it a point of duty to deceive Imo people consistently.

You did not pass school certificate yet you parade the best degrees in Nigeria.

You are/were indebted to Diamond Bank to the tune of N6b and N19b to other banks. Have you paid them? A man without plan in a recoup deceptive mission!



Thank you governor for your time.

Prof. Donald Igwe



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