Open letter to Governor Okorocha on his 100 days in office

Dear Owelle,

I remember when clad in shinning white buba with red cap to match , you approached a waiting crowd in Owerri asking for their support.It was the 2011 electioneering period in Imo state of Nigeria.

With the confidence of your gift of gab, your chest heaved as you speak to the crowd ‘ I will give you free education if you vote for me as the governor of Imo state. I will employ thousands of our youths within my first 100 days in office. I am on a rescue mission. Imo must be better’ you said.

The words rescue mission immediately gained currency in the Imo state political lexicon. ‘ I am on a mission to rescue Imo from the shackles of poverty and under-development. Vote for me as your governor’ you continued. The crowd swayed like blades of grasses on a field and chanted with happiness, Owelle !! Owelle!!! . Emotions swelled to the tunes of your utopian promises. Like a malignant tumour it spread through the heads of the people. Promises of better future clouded the eyes of the people of Imo State. Chants of Ikiri Ohakim must go rented the air.The people marched with you into the streets of Owerri shouting ‘ Okorocha na you we know’.

Your sweet talks paralyzed the minds of the people .Your sugar coated mouth blinded the eyes of the people as you took a Keke ride through the streets of Owerri. Upon jumping into a Keke you stamped a false credential of a grass root man. Every Keke operator in Imo State by this simple cheap gesture convinced himself that the emergence of their Owelle will alleviate the economic problems of the down trodden masses. They even claimed that you will understand their plight more than the other two top governorship candidates.

Riding high, on the ‘ Keke’ with your sham posture as the leader and speaker for the masses, you approached the Naze material market ,bought akara from a street trader which you gulped with sachet water. This act sent all the masses abuzz. These gimmicks became subject of conversation in every gathering of Imo people in the capital city of Owerri. Of course you were voted in as the executive governor of Imo State so that you can walk the talk.

Our expectation was that you will hit the ground running but 100 days after the instrument of office was handed over to you ,Imolites have come to realise that there is a big gulf between governance and activism . The picture emerging is confusion upon confusion. In your first 100 days in office, you have failed to articulate a direction for Imo state which has resulted in the stagnation of socio-economic activities across the state. All your enticing pre-election promises of transforming Imo State to an Eldorado within a few months appear to have become a mirage.

On the 6th of September, many state governors rolled out drums and popped champagne in celebration of 100 days in office. The 100-day point has relevance as it provides pundits a handy peg for grading a chief executive’s initial progress. It all started with President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first 100 days, which stand alone in history as a period of enormous achievement. Owelle, you did not celebrate your 100 days in office.Ofcourse ,you have nothing to celebrate. We had one hundred days of administrative lawlessness in Imo state. No amount of spin from your spin doctors will disguise the fact that you did not perform well within your first 100 days in office.

While other governors are beating their chest proudly about their 100 days in office It is reported that you spent millions of naira junketing the globe and entertaining your friends and political associates abroad leaving Owerri and Imo State villages in darkness, without light and drinking water. And refuge dumps have taken over Owerri municipal area. First we heard you went to Asia later we heard you went to London. London has everything-o, steady light,clean air, clean environment, good roads and good food.Nitori Olorun,Mr governor,don’t we deserve such good things from you?

Owelle, in just 100 days in office,you have sacked 10,000 Imolites(5000 teachers and 5000 civil servants) .Do you think there is peace ,joy and celebration in the state for this your action? No wahala! Anyone who tells you differently is a liar and a monkey.You promised to create jobs when you get into office, where has this promise disappeared to? Instead you ended up sacking 10,000 youths. To you Imo youths don’t deserve employment. Imo youths should not worry about jobs. Rather than give the people jobs you turned yourself to public retailer of kerosene, hoping to use it to gain cheap political points. Owelle, I ‘do ba leoooo’ i hail-o.

I can hear the cry of the 10,000 workers that you sacked since June this year down the mountains. Oh, check out the cry of their dependants up the blue sides. Some of the sacked workers are now drinking ogogoro to wash away their sorrows. I can feel their plights and sadness. It is so great. I can feel their tears; I feel the tears of their parents and loved ones. It is like cigarette smoke climbing a chapel of dark vines. But to you,e-no concern you,the 10,000 jobs issue to you na yamayama talk. Unemployment remains high in Nigeria as millions of graduates roam the streets searching for elusive jobs. This has resulted in youth restive