Open Letter to Governor Okorocha: Please stop playing God! – By Ebubeagu Ekenulo

First let me admit that you are my big brother and political leader. Political leader because my late wife lolo, Ezinne, Ukachi Ekenulo aka hon Ukachi Amaechi and I started our political journey in Imo state from your political Dynasty.

Secondly let me admit that I share close and valuable relationship with the okorocha family which started long ago in Jos and this personal relationship remain intact till date. Though I am not notorious for milling around you as a governor since 2011, not because I don’t want to, but because I am not used to it and hardly want to mill around my High profile friends in government though I mildly keep in touch through other means.

In 2011, I supported your governorship bid Headon and took on the then governor ikedi ohakim with unprecedented courage and brevity putting my life on the line. I supported you then as my political leader and the relationship I share with the okorocha family needless to emphasise Ohakim’s template which destroyed PDP .

In 2015, i didn’t support your 2nd term bid based on principles and moral values being an activist and whistleblower. I didn’t support your 2nd term bid because I fell out with your unconventional style of governance and leadership especially lack of due process and democratic ethos. Contract scam become the order of the day in your first term and I couldn’t stand such unprecedented malaise hence I commenced full blown campaign urging your government to follow due process, respect judicial pronucement and court orders/Judgement and calling for good governance for the benefit of Ndi Imo and nothing more.

I support Emeka Ihedioha for governor in 2015 and i did so on the principles that rt.hon Ihedioha is honesty, decent and credible and he is a man one can take his word to the bank! Zoning and equity was also upper most in my mind in 2015 but to my consternation owerri zone didnt vote for zoning and the equity that was in their favour. Though the 2015 voting pattern was hugely manipulated and criminalised.

STOP PLAYING GOD. Today, you are busy anointing and endorsing aspirants as if you are the God to decide the fate of everybody who wants to contest election in Imo state come 2019.
Your endorsements and anointing are causing more problems and ememies for you than you can imagine as long as 2019 is concerned . Your Maradonic spirit and traits is ever at work forgetting that your endorsements of any aspirant is the beginning of the downfall and end of such aspirant. Smart aspirant should keep away from your endorsement because it will do them more harm than good when the chips are down! Gone are days when an outgoing governor determine and decides the outcome of elections. We don’t have such INEC anymore and the people are more politically aware now than ever. A rogue INEC and compromised POLICE ,SSS, ARMY ETC can no longer stop the people’s revolt-the people’s revolt is the hottest weapon to stop tyranny and misrule. Needless to emphasise that APC has failed Nigerians with hunger and poverty written all over the faces of Nigerians! Ndi Imo are no better.
I am tempted to strongly advise OWELLE to stop endorsing any aspirant,ask the aspirants to go and seek the support of the people, earn the trust and mandate of the people and pray for God’s favour period .

I give it to you that you ought to have a successor in mind, this is only natural and nobody can fault you on this. You have the option of uche nwosu succeeding you for very special reasons, you have the option of Eze Madumere succeeding you from owerri zone, you can even have the option of Sir Jude Ejiogu or any other person from nowhere succeeding you but bear in mind that your options may not the option of God and Ndi Imo. Let God and the people decide!

I will not conclude this letter without commending your concept of road networks everywhere in Imo state, both the completed and uncompleted. Though the quality of the roads may not be the desire of Ndi Imo but it is better than nothing hence my commendation.

OWELLE you know you are my man and only your man can courageously advise you sincerely without fear or favour! This is exactly what I have done and in good faith . God help OWELLE NDI IGBO!!
Long live Imo state!

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Ebubeagu Ekenulo
Onumonu Ozo!February 1,2018.

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