OPINION: Open Letter to Governor Rochas Okorocha on the political saga in our dear Imo.

The political saga in our dear Imo State appears to have finally ended with the impeachment of the former Deputy Governor Sir Jude Agbaso following allegation of bribery and corruption charges. Of course, we do not condone any act of bribery and corruption; however this measure should be accorded to all as some people believes that they are above the rule of law or that Imo State is their private property. This is because it is a good testament that Imo State is leading by examples. It is a good precedent, just and a reasonable deal for Imo State.

As we crave your indulgence your Excellency to commend your hard work with your rescue mission agenda without distractions; may we also use this opportunity to ask you to redress or balance an important but simple issue to help your rescue mission to drive on. Although we are not soliciting for Mbaise or Owerri Senatorial Zone, we believe that the people of Mbaise appear to be somehow left behind in the major scheme of things for a long time, yet their contribution to your then governorship aspiration and current support is indispensable. Since your former Chief of Staff have now been elevated to the position of the Deputy Governor of the State, it would be fair and reasonable to consider a reputable son of Mbaise to be elevated to the office of Chief of Staff or the equivalent to balance the equation. We believe there is without doubt such as individual at your disposal.

Secondly, may we stress that Imo State; the Eastern Heartland as widely recognised has set the pace for other States to follow. We are proud of ourselves and this must continue to be the norm. Imo state at every point in time has shown that it is not a state to muddle around with, or neither a pushover. Our actions speak volumes and this was incessantly demonstrated in the opinion polls that brought you our amiable Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha of APGA into office in place of your predecessor Ikedi Ohakim of P.D.P against all odds. The people of Imo State spoke with extraordinary great voice that even the Presidency under P.D.P openly and unequivocally warned that “Imo People Has Spoken” and so it was and has been. Everyone knew how difficult it was to have defeated the former governor while he was still in office. It took a lot of “Imo spirit”, strong zeal and beliefs, determinations, bravery and above all God’s intervention to see through the fight.

This time the responsibility fell on our elected members of the Imo State House of Assembly (IMHA) who rose up to the challenge with that same vigour of “Imo spirit” and impeached the former Deputy Governor in relations to bribery and corruption charges. This “Imo spirit” is by all standard worthy of replication at all levels of Government because it is a key deterrent which will continue to serve Imo better and with this spirit no one could claim to be above the law or claim immunity for long as it could only be a question of time.

Finally, as our brothers and sisters serve us in these exalted positions, the State Government must always strike the balance to prevent marginalization of any person, group of people and ours leaders must at all times remember their responsibilities as representatives of the electorates particularly the poor among us, the children, the less privileged of our society due to their mental or physical inadequacies. These groups of our society should never be abandoned.

Above all, any breach in governance should be welcomed with the same wrath in “Imo spirit” which removed our former Governor from office in May-June 2011 following gubernatorial elections and impeached the former Deputy Governor on 28th March, 2013.


Mr Steven Chukwunonye (London, United Kingdom)

Prince Nick Dimoriaku (New York, USA)



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