Open letter to Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka /RE: DON’T ALLOW ERROR TO REPEAT

readers-mail-1For the sake of the urgency of my petition, I want to observe all due protocols in a short term.

Well, to me both you Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka and President Goodluck Jonathan are men on position of authority in this country. So. i respect your honour. However, I want to state here that you Fr. Mbaka should not allow error to repeat itself. I speak in regards to the case of former governor Ikedi Ohakim of Imo state, where you Fr. Mbaka announce to the whole world that Ohakim slapped a priest and therefore shouldn’t be reelected as governor. Thus Ohakim did fail though i wouldn’t say that was the reason why he failed. But after some years the same you Fr Mbaka came again to vindicate Ohakim that he (Ohakim) actually did not slap any priest and that Ohakim should be reinstated to the government house. Which to me is too late.

Please, i want you to remember that when two elephant are fighting it is the grasses that suffers it. Also remember that desperate politician can use any form of sabotage and propaganda against their opponent just to achieve their aim. Fr, are you sure President Jonathan is actually the problem with this country or don’t you think his efforts are been sabotaged?

Please Fr, remember your words are so powerful as long as serious issues are concern.
Finally Fr, before error will repeat itself, Did God actually speak to you and are you fully convinced within you that God has appointed Buhari to rule Nigeria?

Thank you.
Lugard 2015 via IMO STATE BLOG



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