Open memo to Governor Okorocha’s apologists from a concerned citizen.

The number of people on Rochas payroll are the ones who will be the very undoing of the governor. When someone believes that because of the little money that they are being paid to launder the governor’s image,that whatever any other person says is anti-Rochas,you are completely deluding yourself.


As as an Imolite (if you are),you’ll understand that Imo is a highly educated state with reasonable men and will not want anything or person to run us down. All the philosophies on earth will mean nothing if we are not seeing the dividends of our votes on ground so, I will advise u apologists to watch how you insult us the imo people for expressing our opinions because they may come back to hunt you.

I believe that what the people are saying is that the governors publicities are far bigger and louder than his actions and works towards the people of the state.

Anthony Odiraa Felix



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