Operation Makuruu : The fear of Kidnappers; the beginning of Wisdom.

In reaction to our previous article, a reader called to intimate IMO STATE BLOG  on the kidnap of  one Chief ABC Nwadike who was ommitted from our list. Chief Nwadike was  former Permanent secretary  and served in  the Ministry of Commerce.   He was kidnapped at gun point.

 From what we gather, market women are also being kidnapped.  With ransoms as low as N5,000 naira, these hoodlums are desperate .

The people continue to live in fear. Many in diaspora who will be visiting for the Christmas Holidays are boycotting Imo State due to the alarming crime rate.

 While the Imo State Government still tries to figure out how best to tackle this issue of Kidnapping , we owe it to ourselves to be vigilant at all times.

For those of us in diaspora travelling for Christmas, please ask around for Kidnap & Ransom insurance . This kind of insurance is designed to protect individuals operating in high risk areas. According to Wikipedia, some of these high risk areas include,  Mexico, Venezuela, Haiti, and Nigeria to name a few.  In the event an insured citizen is kidnapped, (GOD FORBID), the insurance will cover the ransom.

Have a safe trip!.

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