OPINION: –Aftermath of the Imo PDP governorship primaries.(By Chike Edwards)

old-manThe handwriting is on the wall “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.”. Rochas wins Imo State gubernatorial elections. Buhari wins the presidential elections. Hon Emeka Ihedioha decamps to APC after the elections and wins Imo State gubernatorial elections in 2019. Simple political Arithmetic! Quote me – anytime.

Once again the Imo State PDP delegates have spoken but not heard. Not long ago in 2007 the Imo State PDP delegates gave their votes to a remarkable man, devoid from arrogance – Senator Ifeanyichukwu Araraume to be the PDP flag bearer in 2007 gubernatorial election in Imo State. The Delegates were not fools then, and are not fools now. Their wise and sincere decision bestowed a mandate on Senator Araraume. A mandate that was taken away – stolen by few political thieves who thought they know better than our delegates, with the rudeness that says ‘ to hell with you Imo State PDP delegates and to hell with the Imo populace – you can do nothing’. I was ashamed and felt pity for Imo State. It was a wicked and an unwarranted act. It was a disgrace and dirty slap on the faces of all Imolites. The PDP delegates together with the entire Imo PDP members and people of good conscience who had longed yearn for a trustworthy, sincere, diligent, meek, God fearing man like Senator Araraume to be on the mantle of affairs in Imo State and take Imo State to its desired Eldorado had our noble intentions dashed, thrown into the dustbin. Stolen in broad daylight! Political armed robbery I called it; deserving CAPITAL punishment.

This theft of our mandate in 2007 led to a shaky and evil foundation in PDP Imo State that continues till today.

Our 2014 delegates sought to correct this cruelty by voting Senator Araruame again, in the just concluded Imo State PDP primaries. The delegates I spoke to called it ‘A time for True Atonement’. A true atonement they told me that came from their contrite and sincere heart. They told me that penance is not only right but must be done. And must be done now! The evil of 2007 in PDP and in Imo State that led the current mess must be cleansed. The vowed to vote Senator Araraume as PDP flag bearer.

They went through memory lane and explained that the theft in 2007 of Senator Araraume’s mandate in 2007 brought in PPA from the back door, a PPA candidate and later governor who later metamorphosed into a fake PDP governor. He did not represent PDP well and was given a bad name in order to hang him. They compared this to a foreigner taking over the kingship of a kingdom. Nothing good can come out of such kingdom. Imo state without the rightful heir whom the delegates nominate can never achieve its full potentials.

Because of this evil in 2007 and shaky foundation thereafter, in 2011 an incumbent and the unintentional holder of PDP governorship’s position, a candidate not anointed by PDP delegates for the first time in history lost the gubernatorial election woefully to the utmost surprise of some people who were not able to relate this disgraceful loss to the events in 2007. I was not surprised. It was karma. The loser was not the true PDP candidate anointed by the delegates and Imolites. I will like to opine here that the loss by this candidate (was not a loss by PDP) to an opposition party was not because PDP had a wrong candidate or because it was alleged, now proven to wrong that the PDP candidate mercilessly beat up a catholic priest but because a foreigner was at the helms of affairs of PDP in the person of a PPA candidate disguised as PDP governor. PDP cannot lose an election in Imo State if their delegate’s choice is presented as voted by them. The Imo PDP delegates did not chose the PPA pretentious candidate in 2011. He imposed himself there as a purported incumbent while the chosen candidate and true heir was forced out of PDP to ACN. The rightful chosen flag bearer, Senator Araraume, felt abandon by us; his supporters. It is true he has forgiven the few individuals that stole his mandate but karma has a way of paying back. PDP Imo has paid the price of that stolen mandate and may still be paying that price if the current theft is not rectified now.

This is a deja vu! 2007 rebooting; the thieves who in 2007 stole a mandate given by Imo PDP delegates are at work again in another form.

To the PDP leaders, indulgence is in my thoughts. It is not enough that Imo PDP has undergone temporary setbacks or penance in any form or shape; they must show true contrition by restoring the mandate given to Senator Araraume before full absolution is guaranteed. Imo PDP delegates have done what is right. They voted for Senator Araraume to be the PDP flag bearer in 2015 gubernatorial election. By so doing Imo PDP delegates on behalf of the entire Imo citizens was trying to absolve Imo State from the evil mistake the few political thieves forced Imo State to commit in 2007 which cumulated to what we have today in Imo State.

If PDP leader fail to redeem Imo State from the evil of 2007 and now 2014, PDP in Imo State will continue to pay the bitter price. In 2007 our delegates chose who in their wisdom they believe and know is right and can give the best to our beloved Imo State. Few selfish political thieves derailed that vision and our choice. Injustice must NOT be left to continue when there is a way to rectify it. It is not too late for redemption.

In no way does this article intend to doubt the ability of other candidates nor intend to imply that any candidates may be jinxed. But let the truth be told. Evil that was done in Imo state in 2007 lives with us today. PDP Imo State was destroyed; a seating governor (Udenwa) could not produce a successor; a seating governor asked party faithfuls to vote for the opposition. PPA’s candidate pretended to be PDP and won the elections; the pretentious PPA/PDP governor was called a bad name and crucified – not his fault but the repercussion of the evil in the land; bad governance ruled the day in Imo State; abracadabra became the order of the day; abortion laws signed at Assumpta Cathedral, opposition became the winner. PDP shine your eyes as they say and rescue Imo State from this curse. ‘Once bitten twice shy’! If the pending stolen mandate is not given back to Senator Araraume, the worst is yet to be seen in PDP Imo State and will affect the entire PDP Nigeria. Abracadabra will continue. Imo State will easily go to APC and the purported flag bearer will join APC in 2019.

To Imolites in PDP and delegates our rights must be taken back to avoid the worst happening. Our inalienable right that enabled our delegates to choose Senator Araraume must be restored and the only way to do this is for us to make peace with our selves, with our God and force PDP leaders to restore the stolen mandate of Senator Araraume so that we all under his leadership will ensure PDP wins every single electoral position in the State.

We don’t need an oracle to tell us what to do. In today’s PDP, karma, penitence, restitution are all active ingredients that need to be managed well. PDP leaders must cleanse the land by restoring Senator Araraume mandate as PDP flag bearer in Imo State.

Let the devil be put to shame.

Mr Chike Edwards writes from Europe.



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