OPINION: Divide and rule strategy by Rochas Okorocha. By Ambrose Nwaogwugwu

divide-and-ruleI read with dismay the verbal vituperative assertions of gov Rochas Okorocha over our half brothers of Anambra state over the weekends and I must confess that is unfortunate and misleading. The unsavoury remarks of gov Rochas Okorocha on our brothers from Anambra state is most unfortunate and highly condemnable by every true son of Ndigbo irrespective of political orientation and political party affiliation.

Gov Rochas Okorocha having lost the goodwill and overwhelming supports of Ndigbo and indeed Imolites has resulted to divide and rule tactics as a strategy to revamp his seeming and obvious political journey of oblivion and strangulation. did the governor needs to know that Ndigbo and Ndi-Imo are the most civilised and educated people in Nigeria? and no amount of political gimmick as divide and rule strategy employed by a drowning man can hoodwink the good people of Ndigbo and Ndi-Imo or change their mind set as they are resolute to bringing the real change in their polity and clime.

Obviously, divide and rule strategy are what are been employed by drowning people and gov Rochas Okorocha employing the same political strategy could only amount that he is truly a drowning man. The present divide and rule strategy of gov Rochas Okorocha is an inciting against two brothers who are at peace, it is devilish and not in our culture as Ndigbo.

Gov Rochas Okorocha feign and pretends that he fights for Ndigbo which every one of us as Ndigbo knows that he is a joker, a wolf in sheep clothing. We all know that he is only out for his selfish interest and personal aggrandizement. If not for his own selfish interest that gov Rochas is truly out for, how can he explain to Ndigbo the rationale behind his dumping of APGA, the true Igbo platform which salvaged him from political wilderness and gave him his first ever elected political mandate, how would gov Rochas explain to Ndigbo what happened? He betrayed the great Dim Odemegwu gburuburu even in his grave and what gov Rochas could use to say thank you to Ndigbo is by dumping their political platform and as if that was not enough, to add salt to the injury, he went ahead and described the Igbo apex political platform as “a mere” cultural group and not a political party_ how insulting?

Why mock those that he never killed? Why mock Ndigbo in this manner? Gov Rochas describing Anambra people as the problem of Ndigbo is misleading, heartbreaking, unfortunate,morally offensive and above all, its an aberration and a distortion of the true persons of Anambra people and what they stands for to Ndigbo and Igboland. Anambra people is the main fulcrum of Ndigbo and any one inciting Ndi-Imo and Ndigbo against the people of Anambra is not only a saboteur but against the collective good and interests of Ndigbo.

It is evident that what necessitated to that unfortunate remarks from gov Rochas Okorocha is because of how the good people of Anambra massively rejected an alien party with obnoxious cultures and traditions to be forced on them by gov Rochas and cohorts. We the good people of Imo state is also inviting our Anambra brothers to also help us to further expunge the evil in our land come 2015, by then, we would have totally sanitised our land from saboteurs and unwanted elements in Igboland.

Conclusively, I on behalf of Imo youths and the good people of Imo state want to distance ourselves from the vituperative remarks of our governor on the people of Anambra state. It is strictly his own selfish and evil opinion and will not in any way reflect or represent the collective opinions of Imo youths and the good people of Imo state. Describing the people of Anambra as the problem of Ndigbo by gov Rochas Okorocha is the height of insensitivity and propaganda of hate aimed at whipping up disaffection between two caring and loving brothers.

By: Ambrose Nwaogwugwu

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