OPINION: IMO STATE BLOG is being partial and sentimental about its news.

“First of all, i like to say that Imo State blog is being partial and sentimental about its news. We all know how much effort the blog owners put in place to bring down Gov. Ikedi Ohakim during the 2011 Gubernatorial election . In the last few weeks , we have also seen the level this blog owners have gone in bringing down the image and person of Jude Agbaso the now Ex Deputy governor of Imo state.

I am surprised that until this day, the blog owners have failed to report the findings of the Agbaso findings which is already on every local and public newspaper. The blog has failed to list and expose the founders of J-PROS on its blog.  With all this being said, it is safe to say that this blog is not out to inform Imo people but out to ridicule and debase anyone or group who is not in support of Rochas plan and agenda…….”


REPLY: To the likes of Curtis who share the same opinion, you are entitled to your views and we respect that.  

For the record, the IMO STATE BLOG platform has been in contact with Chief Martin Agbaso and His Excellency, Jude Agbaso on this issue. Be rest assured that once the requested documents have been received, we will publish them here for everyone to see.




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