OPINION: Is EEDC punishing consumers in Imo State for the Governor’s reluctance in paying them N10m monthly? – Okpaleke

Is EEDC punishing imo state electricity consumers for the governor’s reluctance in paying them 10m naira monthly from ISOPADEC account as made publicly the Governor a few weeks ago

It seems that after the above comment regarding his refusal to allow the deduction of 10m naira monthly for EEDC, the supply of electricity in the entire state quickly went to the dogs.
Who regulates EEDC in Imo state? Apparently NERC is not up to the task because is a national regulatory agency. Imo state consumer regulatory commission must have a say in any business monopoly that can not meet the purpose for which it is granted a government monopoly.
How can EEDC deny electricity consumers its services for straight two weeks(14days)nonstop and yet go around at the end of the month disconnecting and carting away people’s private wires for none payment of estimated bills. Please Mr Governor, we need to get your extended cabinet sworn in and start to look into all these issues.

Is there anything stopping the state House of Assembly passing a consumer law that mandate minimum hours of electric supply per week to be entitled to payment ? For there to be prosperity as promised by the governor, the electricity monopoly must be policed to maximum efficiency. Only God knows how much the local hoteliers are spending on diesel.

One of the contributing factors of abject poverty is lack of power or electricity supply because with the intensity of the heat for over a month now, young fathers and mothers are cutting into their food budget to fix their generators and buy fuel in order to ensure that their little wards at least got some hours of sleep each night.
With the intensity of the heat , I have noticed that most people no longer turn off their generator at mid night but have elected to have it run through to the morning.
Mr. Governor , please you need to look into this.

Written by: Dr. Kelechi Okpaleke

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