OPINION: Response to Chief Martin Agbaso’s recent interview – by Robert Anayo Dikeukwu

 Things went wrong, very wrong in the first instance! How did Jude become a deputy Governor? His big brother says Jude is not a politician, then why? Obviously Jude was imposed on Imolites in the first place by his big brother to represent and protect his interest come 2015! Martin Agbaso is severely selfish and still has the audacity and the unwisdom to shamelessly say this in the public and you guys are cheering him. I thought that lovers of democracy will see this interview as one laden with selfish undertone and a huge disgrace to Martin Agbaso.

Is Martin Agbaso the little god of Imo state that he will single handedly negotiate one term with Rochas so that he would step in? Is he not supposed be full of shame? Why did he allow Rochas in the first place to contest? The truth is, there was no way Martin Agbaso with his personality could dislodge Ohakim and his PDP, no, no way and he knew it! People make this mistake of thinking Imolites voted for APGA, thats a huge joke for what is APGA?

I personally saw Rochas as a personality that has the capacity(not the party) to push Ohakim out with the big help of the people who were obviously tired of Ohakim. I, personally voted for Rochas and not APGA. And for your information, Imo state is still largely PDP, and Martin Agbaso under APGA cannot win Imo. I really find this interview very disgusting because Martin is not looking at the gravity of the offence but clearly focusing on his intentions in 2015 which he is shamelessly letting his cohorts know. He should get out of the way for he is neither Jude Agbaso nor JPross.

As for the impeachment of the deputy governor, a deed was done, a process was followed, it is left for Jude Agbaso and his brother rather than spill ‘bullshit’ in horrible interviews , to gather their facts together and head to court. At least they have got that right. And his co-travelers must not cry more than the bereaved. If you look at that Martin, he is neither sympathetic to his brother’s travail nor to the plight of Imo people but very concerned about his political future in 2015…such a shame. Who even told him that he can win an election in Imo state in the first place and he has jut made his case worse. It is disgusting!!


By Robert Anayo Dikeukwu via IMO STATE BLOG



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