OPINION: Unless we abolish the Osu caste system in Igboland, the Presidency will continue to elude us – C. Polycarp


It pains me that there are still Igbo brothers and sisters Igbo land and its inhabitants regard as OSU – “Out Castes”. Though I fall within the so called Di-ala (Free born) enclave, I feel pained when I see the level of segregation and discrimination this Osu whatever creates in Igbo land.

I would like to use this medium to appeal to well meaning Igbo sons and daughters home and in diaspora to come together to push for the abolishing of this ancient and never-do-good tradition. If we can feel bad how we are discriminated against in Nigeria, how much more the people who we regard and denigrate as Osu people in their own land where no inter-marriage exists.

Please dear readers, note that unless Igbo land abolishes this nonsensical tradition, the office of the Presidency of Nigeria shall continue to elude us. I would appreciate your comments on the best way and actions to go about this but not your abusive words please.


Culled from: SouthEastNigeria.com



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