OPINION: Uwajumogu will have an easy ride in 2019- Emeka Ahaneku

As it stands today, with all political variables considered, Senator Benjamin Uwajumogu will have an easy ride in 2019. There is nothing on ground suggesting the contrary, considering the fact that Ihitte-Uboma’s political fortune won’t be different from the rest…Isiala mbano had their 2 terms of 8 years, obowu and Ehime Mbano also had theirs, remaining Ihitte-Uboma that will complete theirs in 2023 for okigwe local government and Onuimo to take their turns in the same sequence.

This brotherly arrangement will not be jettisoned or truncated because governor Okorocha wants to impose a candidate of his choice for Okigwe zone.
Okigwe local government and Onuimo should be reminded that any arrangement to truncate this wonderful political arrangement will not be in their own interest or favour, considering their population and other political indices that will always swing the senate seat to bigger local governments…advice.

With Uwajumogu’s huge accomplishments in the Senate and in the state Assembly as Speaker, support of Ndi Okigwe, weak opposition, years of experience in negotiating block votes and his goodwill..we should start thinking of 2023!!!!!
Who will go for Okigwe or Onuimo??????



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