OPINION: Why America should continue with Barack Obama for another 4 years.

It is easier to understand the plight of the common man when you have experienced his pain…. when you have struggled your way to the top without any buttons pressed on your behalf.

The photo here was taken in 1964. Mitt Romney has never known poverty. Just like i pointed out earlier in my previous post, his father was elected as Governor 3 times. How can you know the plight of the common man when you are chauffeured all over the place with everything at your beck and call?

We all saw how Mitt Romney disgraced himself in the Presidential debates. In one of the heated sessions, he came so close to President Obama that one would think a “head butt or fist punch” would follow.

He came on strong and I cannot deny that I admire his confidence but America is too delicate to have a temperamental leader who grew up having everything at his beck and call. America needs a President who understands diplomacy and will not be too proud to negotiate. For this reason, it is important that America continues with Barack Obama for the next 4 years.

Joi John.






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