Orlu Senate 2015: Hope Uzodinma your road is good! – By Southeast Initiative

  It is said that when a people embark on a journey on a good road, there is a tendency that the people will continue to embark on any given journey through the same road. Conversely, if a community feels proud of their beloved son in his first outing, the community will have no doubt to continue to be proud of that same son. There is something in a name no doubt. When the search for a worthy person to go to Senate was initiated in 2011, so many people were considered but at the end of the day, the search berthed at the country home of Chief Hope Uzodimma, a well known businessman.

Quickly, Hope Uzodinma set up formidable political machinery that eventually not only grabbed the PDP ticket, but also won the Imo West (Orlu Zone) senatorial election in April 2011. 33 months down the line, Senator Hope Uzodinma has not only lived up to expectation but he has proved to the people of Orlu zone in particular and Imo State in general that his road is good. Let me open the minds of the reading public.

The fact of the matter is that Orlu Senatorial zone has witnessed an unprecedented torrential rain of Federal Government projects in all the twelve (12) Local government areas since Senator Hope Uzodinma began his legislative journey 33 months ago. He facilitated the construction of roads in the zone. He facilitated the setting up of rural electrification projects across the zone. He promoted the establishment of various Human capacity Projects across the zone. Senator Hope Uzodinma sunk so many bore-holes in Orlu zone. He also rehabilitated many water scheme projects in the zone. If we call him an OGBUAGU, we should not be mistaken. Senator Hope Uzodinma not only facilitated the gainful employment of youths from the zone, he also alleviated poverty by empowering over 1000 women through setting up of women empowerment programmes and skills acquisitions.

Also, it is a statement of fact that Senator Hope Uzodinma has sponsored many motions and bills at the floor of the Senate. Among the bills are (1) inland security bills (2) Restrictive Practice and Monopoly Prohibition Trade bill (3) Fly Nigeria bill (4) Erosion control commission establishment bill (5) Federal Character Act
(Amendment) Bill. Among the motions are (1) Dana and Allied Airline plane crash (2) Violation of Aviation laws and practice (3) Rehabilitation of River Niger Bridge & construction of the second Niger Bridge (4) Unemployment data and creation of job centers in the country etc.

Hope Uzodinma did not stop at Orlu Senatorial zone; he expanded his desire to extend his provision of legislative representation beyond his senatorial zone. For example, he was able (as the Senate Committee Chairman on Aviation) to make a case for the actualization of the SAM MBAKWE AIRPORT as the International Cargo Airport  it was originally designed to be. With the rehabilitation of the airport almost
completed the next phase will see the airport fully turned into an international Cargo airport.

By all intents and purposes, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma has paid his legislative duties to the people of Orlu Senatorial Zone through his human oriented representation. What more can we say other than UZODINMA AGA YA UGBORO ABUO. Therefore, the Hope we have in Hope Uzodinma have been accomplished. Hope Uzodinma, your road is good.




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