Owelle and his Oriental Brothers Band of Nigeria.

In the early 80s, a group of sound and creative minds came together to form what later became a symbolic musical group that mesmerized and entertained people with scintillating sound garnished with a unique voice of one of the finest vocalist (Dr Sir warrior) in history. The birth of the oriental brothers band of Nigeria led by Ferdinand Dansach was phenomenal and would ever remain evergreen in the minds of people especially in the south east and Nigeria in general.

What made this group solid was the individual talent of each member from Ferdinand Dansach to Dr sir warrior and all other members had some quality skill to offer the group. Therefore, the group, summed up what was known as the best of them all and this can best be said to be history now.


The emergence of OWELLE ROCHAS OKOROCHA as the Executive governor of Imo state was one greeted with so much expectations which can be traced to the many promises Owelle made during the electioneering. Even though i didnt vote for Owelle due to some reasons hinged on the principle of IMO CHARTER OF EQUITY which proposes rotation of governorship position in imo to foster zonal harmony and tranquility. I must not fail to say that Owelle believed in his vision and ability to transform Imo state which by my view warranted the use of military jargon RESCUE as the overriding message of his campaign and possibly administration.


Like Ferdinand Dansache, Owelle on assumption of office assembled his group that will help him deliver his rescue mission. The role of his group in government parlance was to bring to bear some finesse and strategy to drive home his vision for Imo state. But today it is most unfortunate that the group put together by OWELLE fall short of the expectation of Imo people in terms of there supposed contribution to the over all development of Imo state.


The actions and inaction’s of Owelle since he assumed office no doubt puts a question mark to the capacity and quality of his group. Owelle, has made so many blunders which was avoidable if there were some quality advice from his group.

  • 1 Dissolution of LGA chairmen and councillors

  • 2 Dissolution of house of assembly service commission

  • 3 Dissolution of Imo state judicial commission

  • 4 Dissolution of Imos state electorial commission

  • 5 Relocation of imo state university to his village

  • 6 Award of contracts without recourse to public procurement act

  • 7 Introduction of fourth tier government

  • 8 Introduction of uniforms for civil servants

  • 9 Disregard for due process¬†

  • 10 Disregard for court orders

All these afore mentioned actions of the Owelles administration were unnecessary and avoidable in view of the negative impressions and image such actions have attracted to his administration. When all these illegalities were done by this government some bad students of history applauded Owelle and even enjoined him to continue to wallow in administrative recklessness and brigandage. It is also worthy of note that some of this actions may have been as a result of bad advice from his group which can best be described as a group peopled by men and women who have reached their creative menopause.


The recent U turn made by his government on the reinstatement of the illegally sacked LGA government as against the initial refusal by his administration to obey court order throws up some questions as to the contribution of Barr soronnadi Njoku the Attorney General of Imo state. Also, the reversal of the purported relocation of Imo state university to his village furthermore queries the administrative integrity of those manning and advising the governor on education, information and strategy.


Doesn’t the Attorney general of Imo know that it is illegal for the government to sack tenured commissions ? Or can he say that he does not understand the wordings of public procurement act as to how a contract should be awarded in a democratic setting? Please what happened to the standard bidding process? Is Imo state not in Nigeria? I can go and on but the truth remains that government is a continuous process and it will be the height of disservice for any person or group of persons to arm-twist the system for mere pecuniary value or party politics.


My advice for Owelle is that he should act smart and do away with those baggage around him who call themselves advisers or commissioners because there bereft ideas may take him to the wrong side of history. Government, world over rely on strong institutions to thrive and not Ali Baba Open Sesame.


Written by  Ferdinand Ohalee

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