Owelle Rochas Okorocha: My Governor you are trying but let me ask you some questions….


My governor, you are trying but let me ask some questions:

1.Is it true contractors are not being issued ‘contract award’ certificates?

2. The guesthouse building for governors is it seriously a paramount need for the state? despite this ex governor living or dead owning palatial homes in their villages and all over Nigeria!

3. The 100 naira stipend which you initiated earlier in the year, I told those who cared to listen that this is unsustainable and yes it is not. it has been abandoned without even completing the first month of distribution. Why do we commence what we cant finish?

4. The fifteen 40ft containers of school stuff, can we be informed within 72hrs how many students we have in primary and secondary school in Imo State for starters and also am aware we have no standard uniform for schools in Imo State, so under what parameters where the materials which including school uniforms were purchased?

5. I am of the opinion we need some basic amenities than this cosmetic capital expenditures. Imo residents have no seen water run off their faucet for over 20years and if it did , am certain its not pruified water, we still need to boil to remove impurities. what is your government doing about providing water to the state? Drainage and good roads among other difficult but needed projects which needs attention.

Please, your excellency, eye on the prize. I like you as an individual having seen you at times and your presumed good nature with the common man. However, efforts should be made by your PA and SA in bringing to your valid and real time assessment of the system and agencies which they oversee.

You cannot do this yourself but you certainly do not need young stalwarts who are job seekers and unable to proffer realtime information to your table daily. They do not need to keep telling you what you like but what the people like and how it can be achieved. Try new ideas and personel SIR..

In all sincerity, I have refrained from saying negative statements about the government of Imo state but it does not mean, it can be shoved down our throat at any chance. I am happier now because IMO state has woken up and we can disparage from excerpts having on ground. I am at a loss why contractors are not given contract award certificates for instance. If this is so, how do this contractors get financing from banks to effect the job which has been given to them? Is this not a calculated attempt to hand this jobs to cronnies who can finance the jobs to eventually do it? Begging for answers.

The building of a guesthouse for governors is by all standard not an important need for our state. Are we building it for Evans and Sam (RIP) or for Ohakim who committed the worst blunder in the history of the state or is it Achike who I am yet to see what he did in Imo other than empowering mediocres.. We are watching and waiting for 2015 because if it is good, we will support Owelle and if its bad by our score chart of what is on ground, we will look for an alternative by all diplomatic means possible. Long Live IMO STATE..


Submitted by:Odinaka Robert Uchewuakor



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