Owerri drowns in FILTH as Contractor dupes Imo State Govt

 The pictures below were taken on Friday July 1st 2011 right in the State Capital, Owerri. It appears we are back to square one.  It is in my understanding that the   Contractor who was awarded the Refuse Disposal contract duped the State Government.

Apparently, Oga Contractor thought it was business as usual where he would bill the State for what he did not provide. I learnt the Deputy Gov. Jude Agbaso showed up very early in the morning  unannounced  and to his bewilderment, only 4 Dump trucks were lined up for the Sanitation exercise as opposed to the 25 Dump-trucks as Contracted. To make matters worse, the 419 contractor was no where to be found. Our infuriated Deputy G, did not blink twice before ordering for his arrest.

Not quite sure what criteria had to be met but as always,  we CANNOT challenge the discretion of  the Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso. However, this is an eye opener that the  Administration must follow strict measures in  awarding future contracts. Not just to any Riff-Raff.

 Douglas Road, World Bank, Orlu Road and  areas in Aladinma are just eyesores. It is painful because we know that our Government officials do not move around in Helicopters!

Where ever Ikedi Ohakim and Barr.Willie Amadi are now, they will be laughing. I will not be surprised if this was actually a scheme by the former Governor and his co-horts to undermine the Okorocha Administration. Good riddance to bad governance. We are moving ahead.

Fellow Imolites, biko nu let us try as much as we can to help. The roads being dirty should not encourage us to litter. For the sake of our little children, let us help  the Government keep IMO clean and protect them from the many air-borne diseases.



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