PDP, EFCC and the War of Attrition against Okorocha – Kenneth Olughu


Truly, Imo State under the present administration has witnessed more deadly onslaught like no other. People have begun to ask questions whether Okorocha is the only non PDP Governor in Nigeria to suffer so much attack.

In this war of attrition being waged against Governor Okorocha is a kind where everything is freely used. Even in deadly wars, we still have rules and that is why we have law of arm conflict. In this wicked war, whatever that could bring an enemy to its knees is acceptable even if he has a character of an Angel.

Let’s not forget that the Devil himself with his loyalists shall rise to fight the Great Kingdom that is to come. Please read about Armageddon in book of Revelation according to the Holy Book. If God himself, the owner of life, could be attacked, then, who is Okorocha to almighty Peoples Democratic Party and its huge Presidency?

Again, what we have witnessed in Nigeria’s Democracy are more of characteristics associated with the world dreaded forms of Government. One begins to wonder whether we are practicing Fascist Democracy, Totalitarian Democracy or Nazis Democracy. What is wrong with Nigeria? It is a case of he goat that does not reflect whatever tutelage he may have been given.

The dust over the desperation of the ruling party to subdue Governor Okorocha as a person has so much miles to fly before settling down. The latest is the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s latest and consistent raid in Imo State. We all know the history and antecedent of this supposedly Crime fighting Commission. Its modus operandi has not in any way shown any shift. It has remained an instrument of operation in the hands of the successive Nigeria’s Presidents and Jonathan does not seem to be different. A serious instrument of oppression and intimidation it has become. Whenever the pay master groans at its effort to have easy grab at a selfish goal, it lets out all government apparatchik at the perceived enemies or would -be – opposition to their whims and caprices.

Thursday, January 10, 2013, was a day both Local and National tabloids were awash with Cover page banners on the arrest of Imo Finance Commissioner, Deacon Chike Okafor and his Accountant General colleague, Eche Ezenna George. More worrisome is the declaration of the agents of Imo State Government guilty even before they are tried. Friday, January 11, 2013, Imo PDP in a paid advertorial had already declared Imo State Government guilty of the allegation of N40 billion loan, which is yet to be confirmed whether it is true or not. Will it be put that Mr. President is guilty of putting a finger in the purse of the public fund having refused to declare his asset? This is one hell of logic. Simple syllogism it is. If Mr. President had at various times refused blatantly to obey a simple convention of every public officer, then the case should have elicited EFCC’s investigation into the activities of the other Federal Government officers in strategic positions but that is not to be.

I dare say that this is a case of calling dog a bad name with a view to hanging it. The immediate past Governor of Abia State, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu was alleged to have stolen the State blind just because he moved against the then Government over sundry issues that were political. What of the incumbent Governor of Abia State, Chief Theodore Ahamefula Orji who is yet to conduct election for donkey years now? There are just too numerous examples to give. Again, this Local Government fund thing is becoming another area where double standard has been adopted. Can anybody discuss an integrated policy thrust of a State without considering the constituents, which make up the State because the State does not exist in a vacuum? All the noises about Local Government’s fund must be established to have been so misappropriated than the media stunt being pursued by the sponsors of the make-believe criminality. That shows the damaging intent of the people in question.

I pity those Okorocha’s aides who have been taken to the market square and paraded as thieves even when law says they remain innocent until proven otherwise. I dare say that what is happening in Imo State is highly political as self acclaimed gods of Nigeria’s politics are resisting emergence of another who would possibly change the status quo of mutiny.

It is unfortunate that the EFCC heard and read about an alleged scam of Emeka Ihedioha where close to N1.3billion is at stake and it turned a blind eye. It will also be recalled that Senator Chris Anyanwu was alleged to have assessed N254 million appropriated fund for Owerri Zone even as a legislator and EFCC and Mr. President still could not see such lovely acts of a Senator. Again, it is also the same Government that has refused to look into how Ohakim diverted about 35% of N18.5billion bond fund. The same PDP administration claimed to have spent about N26 billion on President Jonathan’s Election. Why have ICPC and EFCC developed cold feet to walk up to these acts of breach? No PDP led Government at the centre shall see such evil.

EFCC has made Imo its home and PDP must stop the development in Imo State to stop Okorocha. An impeccable source revealed that Owelle Rochas Okorocha must thread with caution as his rising profile has become a cause for worry for Presidency. To make matter worse, the visits of the Northern Governors during the wedding between Governor Okorocha’s daughter, Uloma and Uche Nwosu further added salt to an injury. And the source further disclosed that the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s visit was what irked the ruling party most. The ruling party has fallen out of favour in the North, South West and of course, its hegemony in the South East is coming to an end, hence, the messengers of hope in the East must be made to kiss the dust. War of attrition it is we have at hand.

All these hounding and cowing of the present Government of Imo State will only be described as throwing a spanner to a progressive movement. This writer will never be in support of any act of criminality but such must be seen to have been established to be true.

Written by Kenneth Olughu




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