PDP National Woman leader, Amb.Kema Chikwe takes on Sahara Reporters

May 1, 2014



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My speech at the occasion of PDP Women’s Prayer on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 for the release ofthe Chibok kidnapped school girls and the Nyanya bomb blast victims was straight-forward and the interpretation of Sahara Reporters does not in anyway reflect my intentions.

The prayer event was specifically organized to pray for the release of the girls. If I doubted their abduction, why would I pray for their release? I listed prayer points and I said, “The last straw that broke the camel’s back was the kidnap of the Chibok school girls. I am also listing my remarks in reference to the kidnap of the schoolgirls as follows:

“Those behind these crimes love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.” “We as women of Nigeria, as mothers will intensify our prayers for the end of Boko Haram, end of kidnapping and release of the Chibok girls” “Our hearts are bleeding, not just broken. Please God send the Chibok girls home to their mothers and families.”

My rhetoric questions were questions of concerns, which any distressed mother should ask in seeking for solutions and clues. Furthermore, I raised the issue of pictures in response to newspaper publications of their whereabouts. Someone, somewhere could provide useful information, as would be the case of lost persons.

It is unfortunate that Sahara Reporters chose a mysterious political interpretation, and even asking if it was my party, PDP’s position betrays their purpose. It is also unfortunate that the mothers and families of the girls will be stirred to believe this false and wicked information.

I am deeply in sympathy with them because I was totally misinterpreted. I also believe that when the Borno State Governor reads my speech critically it will be obvious that I am in no way in doubt of the kidnapped schoolgirls. The calculated political mis-representation of my speech should be disregarded. My prayer point remains that God in his infinite mercy will secure the release of these girls.

Sahara Reporters has the weapon to unleash on anyone they choose but I pray that someday they will choose to do less harm to those who have done no wrong to them or anyone for that matter. Prayer after prayer for three hours PDP Women’s prayer session was focused on the release of these schoolgirls. Tears were flowing as we prayed.

God in His infinite mercy who knows the truth and minds of men will give those who have the power to dish out false information and political intimidation a kind disposition and discerning mind.

As a mother and grandmother, I saw this kidnap of schoolgirls and their delayed release as heartbreaking, extremely serious and a major calamity. Let us keep praying that these innocent young girls return home to their mothers safely and soon.


Amb. (Dr.) Kema Chikwe
National Woman Leader, PDP



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