PDP NATIONAL WOMEN LEADER CONTEST : What does Amb. Kema Chikwe want?

Ambassador Kemafor Chikwe’s rise in the political firmanent of Nigeria is phenomenal and salutary. From a humble ambition of running to represent Owerri Federal Constituency in theHouse of Representatives in 1998, Ndaa Kema as her admirers call her, rose to become Nigeria’s Minister of Transport and later Aviation, two grade A ministries for that matter. She is a Board of Trustees member (BOT) of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and was named Chairman of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB in 2005, and later appointed Nigeria’s Ambassador to Ireland by late President Musa Yaradua in 2007 . Apart from being a two-term minister, Kemafor ‘crowned’ Prof. Fabian Osuji and Mrs. Obaji as ministers.


Kema,  a great grand mother,instead of playing an expected motherly role, masterminded the greatest confusion ever in the history of political development in Nigeria where a political party denied itself candidature in a gubernatorial election.kema chikwe simply characterized the deadly confusion that ensued between Senator Ifeanyichukwu Araraume, Chief Hope Uzodinma,Sir Tony Ezennia and the then governor Achike Udenwa, having succeeded in getting the then President Obasanjo to order the former PDP national chairman to dissolve the state EXCO and imposed her stooges as caretaker committee (CTC) members. The wound of this orchestrated crisis is yet to abate in IMO PDP.


The dissolution of the Dr. Alex Obi’s EXCO and imposition of Prince M.O Nlemigbo led care-taker committee saw the Udenwa’s government and the political titans locking horns resulting in the inability of PDP to get a candidate and consequently lost the gubernatorial seat and the rest as they say is history. She is at it again……


The Ambassador was credited to have succeeded in nominating Mrs. Obaji, as education minister. She was credited to have also nominated Prof. Fabian Osuji. Kema allegedly facilitated the appointments of Arch. Amaugo Ugorji as JAMB Chairman, a position she ‘took back’ to serve under her ally, Obaji, the then minister for education.


One common trend that was noticeable between Ndaa Kema and her nominees was the quarrel she entered into with them shortly after they took offices. She reportedly ‘dethroned’ Obaji when she had differences with her after installing her younger brother Chimdi Ejiogu to ‘monitor’ the minister as a Special Assistant. Her quarrel with Obaji, a former very close friend and confidant of hers who assisted her in the past occured shotly after she also allegedly brought Osuji down, drew public condemnation. In her concerted efforts to remove the minister kema threw every thing decent to the winds and employed all manner of human absurdities ranging from malicious lies, wicked blackmails to sexual indulgences. Expectedly, she won and Obaji kissed the political dust. as no one could have survived that mischief of tsunamic proportion. Till date Kema has not made up with her DEAR friend, Chinwe Nora Obaji. She is at it again……


Kema Chikwe also was reported to have ensured the success of Sen. Eze Ajoku in 2005 with the assistance of the then PDP state Caretaker and fell out with the Senator for no good reasons. She again ensured Sen. Ajoku never saw the Red Chambers as a member owing to her influence in the PDP BOT of which she infested with her sexual influenza. This trend was a common phenomenon between Mrs. kema Chikwe and all other appointees of hers. She is at it again……



If there is anyone in Imo who has enjoyed more federal government patronage the most, Amb. Chikwe comes tops. No one and I beg to be countered has enjoyed half the privilege and pecks from the federal government as Kema Chikwe has. These privileges she also extended to her close friends and cronies. She was a 2 time minister of grade A ministries, BOT member of PDP, board chaiman and presently an Ambassador. All these positions which she got through her tongue wagging and leg opening  activities were not used for the good of IMO PEOPLE. WHAT ELSE DOES KEMA CHIKWE WANT? She is at it again…….



KEMA CHIKWE,a harbinger of abnormalities, in 2007, ran to be governor of Imo when it was the obvious turn of  Okigwe zone. She consequently lost woefully. She was unduly compensated by the government with the Ambassadorial posting, following her usual amorous ingenuity. She is at it again……

In 2011,kema Chikwe manifested her greed and kleptomaniac quest for power by abandoning her ambassadorial job in Ireland  and hijacked the ticket of PDP for senate, the unpopularity of which, landed IMO PDP into the present mess of losing guber election. She is at it again…….


As Aviation minister, Imo people had expected to see the facilities in their darling Sam Mbakwe Airport improved but the Minster was alleged to have declined to do so to avoid the Udenwa’s government claiming the glory? Cheap politics? As minister of Transport, Imo did not fare any better from her sojourn in the ministry. Capt. Ihenacho today at least if not for anything else has promised Ndi Imo a new prison outside Owerri town while Mrs. Obaji attracted loads of PTF projects to Imo in her short and eventful tenure.


Today, our 2 time minister, board chairman, BOT member, Ambassador and a great grand mother is reported to be angling to occupy the position of  the National Women  Leader of PDP already zoned to Imo State. Jesus wept. This desire has got many thinking and wondering aloud: WHAT REALLY DOES KEMA CHIKWE WANT? Is she the only woman in Imo State?,WHAT ELSE indeed DOES KEMA CHIKWE WANT?.


IMO PDP is yet to recover from the recent governorship election failure which was largely occasioned by kema chikwe’s senatorial ticket. Making her national women leader at this time,can only worsen the woos of  PDP in IMO state, as this is capable of  scaring potential entrants into PDP,leading to another DOOM. PDP BEWARE.

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