Please bear with us as we enhance our website + Fix our crashed computer.

We recently migrated from our blog website to this new platform. Unfortunately, we were told that some of our  files were corrupted (whatever that means) during the migration process.

So biko nu, nwee nu ndidi. Our compurra guru’s are working to rectify the issues. When the new site launches, it will have alot of enhanced functions for your reading pleasure. Meanwhile, hope you like the new slide show at the top of the page? Does it make sense or not? Please send us your feedback.



PRAYER REQUEST: Please keep our laptop in prayers. I don’t know what kind of virus that entered our system. One day, One trouble.  The recent blog entries have been posted through our Blackberry Smartphone. Even though it helps, it is quite inconveniencing .The devil is a liar!! In any case,  nothing will keep us away. We shall continue blogging our hearts out . Ekwensu Ntoo!

Yours Sincerely,

The unofficial S.S.A Blog Matters – Imo State!

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