President Goodluck Jonathan and the N1Billion naira feeding allowance.

Please o, when we finish OCCUPYING, we should also revisit this N1 Billion naira feeding allowance for our Presido. Still yet to understand how they reached that figure. Even if it is one cow they are eating per day, what in heavens name will the Presidential household eat for N1 billion abeg?

 From the  analysis of the N4.749trillion  budget that nna anyi ukwu Jonathan presented to the Senate,  the N1 Billion naira  will go towards the cost of  food purchases,   catering supplies, and, kitchen equipments  for both himself and VP Namadi Sambo.


1.Food purchases: Is it  the same ogbono and egusi we buy in the market that they  are talking about here or are we referring to canned food items processed under the Sea? In any case, after buying the basic Maggi, Palm oil, Tomato , Onions  and etc….even if we are stocking up for 10 yrs,  how much change will we have left?

2. Kitchen supplies:  Confused. What are we talking about in this category abeg? Are we supplying the kitchen with 24 karat GOLD ite-pots and pans or diamond crusted utensils?

If we can not use the regular oshigbo (mortar and pistle) to blend our ingredients, how many sets of table top Blenders/ kitchen utensils  do we need in both homes and how much will they cost?

3. Catering supplies: Catering supplies for who and who?  How many distingishued mouths do we plan to cater to in 2012 at the Villa?  How much do these supplies cost anyway? The worlds most expensive dinner ware retails for about $1500 per plate. So let us assume we were buying lets say…  $800,000 worth of  plates, glasses, serving dishes and all ….  convert to the current naira rate and minus it from the budget, na how much go remain?

Ofcourse , we know that these Presidential dinners do not go without the expensive WINES & CHAMPAGNES.    Whatever happened to our locally made Palm-wine or  Zobo? If these drinks are  good enough for the masses, why can’t we save costs by serving them  instead?  Atleast that way, our visitors have something to remember us for. No be so?


Yet, we are discussing FUEL SUBSIDY. What are we subsidizing? You cannot be drinking Champagne and preaching “Subsidy” to someone drinking Zobo? Mba nu.


This is all part of the corruption we say we want to fight.

Only God will help us.



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