Presidential Elections:Drama in HIGH Places

Last week, Pres.Goodluck Jonathan came under fire for boycotting the NN24 Presidential Debate.  The  3 other Presidential Candidates who honored the invitation were, Mohammed Buhari; Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Nuhu Ribadu; Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN),  and Ibrahim Shekarau of All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP).

In response, Pres.Jonathan’s office issued an  official statement  that Mr. President would ONLY feature in the debate organised by the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON)  which he said had been the “traditional platform” for such debates. That sounded quite reasonable to me. NN24 is  a Privately owned Television so, if the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria (BON) had been the traditonal platform for such debates, “Kini big deal”  about his absence ?  LOL! You really want to know? Read on!

While the NN24 debate was going on, Mr. President was being interviewed by the self acclaimed “Koko” Master, Dbanj!. SPEECHLESS!!  This move not only infuriated the Opposition Parties but, led to the withdrawal of Buhari, Ribadu and Gov. Shekaru from the BON debate .  Signed by their respective spokespersons, The 3 Delegates  spoke in unison “We are highly suspicious of the celebrated romance with the BON debate by the President Jonathan’s camp which shunned the NN24 debate without an apology,” they said.

SMH (Shaking My Head) “NAIJA WE HAIL THEE”

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