Press release from IMHA on Baby Factories in Imo state.

baby factory

Hard time seems to be lurking around the corridors of operators of baby factories in Imo State as the State House of Assembly is already poised to bring the unscrupulous activities of these disgruntled elements to a permanent halt through the introduction of a bill to that effect.

This action however, is against the back drop of the alleged incessant proliferation of baby factories in the state; a development many believed had brought negative aspersions to the state.

The bill known as a bill for a law to prohibit baby racketeering through baby factory operations and every other arrangement by which babies are illegally transacted on, and other matters, connected to is sponsored by the Majority Leader of the House and the member representing Ahiazu Mbaise State constituency, Hon. (Mrs.) Adaku Ihuoma and eleven other members.

Analysts are of the view that the bill which has undergone its First Reading on the floor of the House, would help in no small measure to curtail the activities of the cartel and sanitize the state from any abuse against the children when it comes into force.



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