Press Release: IMSG lashes out at PDP over First lady’s visit to Imo state.

imsgWith every sense of seriousness, the Rescue Mission Government in the state wishes to take exception to the untold hardship, stress, frustration and avoidable inconveniences which the state chapter of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, subjected the peace loving people of the state, for the whole of Friday, March 6, 2015, over a very scanty political rally.

For the poorly attended rally at the stadium, the Imo PDP blocked all the main roads and adjourning ones in Owerri and environs. And for the whole period the rally lasted, our people were kept stranded in terrifying traffic jams, while business activities for the today were totally jeopardized.

In some cases, some of the fierce looking armed security personnel used in blocking the roads were reported to have harassed and beaten some of our people who had taken up the courage to complain.

Although the government in the state is APC, the party or the state government has never blocked roads in Owerri or anywhere in the state or closed any market during its rallies or functions, because the governor of the state, Owelle Rochas Okorocha is a welfarist and compassionate leader, who believes so much in people-oriented actions.
As a matter of fact, Governor Okorocha believes that Imo people should not be punished through the activities of a political party or government.

But the Imo PDP takes delight in subjecting Imo people to untold hardship. They did it on daily basis when the party was in power in the state and they are still doing the same now that the party is out of power. Then, who knows what happens if the party is given the opportunity of coming back to power again in the state.

Truly speaking, Imo state has remained peaceful since the advent of Governor Okorocha’s administration and there should be no reason flooding the state with armed security personnel by a political party struggling for power to lead the people of the state. The Imo PDP should stop the tradition of invading the state with armed people, at any event.

The total blocking of all the roads which the people of the state use for their businesses should also be seen as running counter with the spirit of democracy which its emphasis is on the freedom and happiness of the citizenry.

The Imo PDP should begin to develop love and even sympathy for Imo people. The idea of deriving joy from the inconveniences of Imo people should be condemned in an unmistakable and unequivocal terms. We hold the Imo PDP leaders and its gubernatorial candidate, Hon Emeka Ihedioha responsible for all that Imo people suffered during the period under reference.
His Excellency, the Executive Governor of the state, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, however, has appealed to Imo people affected in one way or the other by what the Imo PDP did, to calm down and bear with the whole scenario for Christ sake.

He also called on all the political parties in the state and those behind them, to endeavour as much as they can to reciprocate the peaceful and friendly atmosphere being provided by the state government for all of them to operate by putting the compound interest of the generality of Imo people into account while handling their activities since leadership is all about service to God and to humanity.

Sam Onwuemeodo
Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media



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