PRESS RELEASE: Uzodinma’s victory at the polls – IPM


NOVEMBER 13, 2023


Good Afternoon, Gentlemen of the Press. You are all welcome.

It is a happy day in Imo state. The dreams and aspirations of Imo people for a free, fair and credible governorship election have come to fruition. And the wicked plots of our enemies have fallen flat. From Orlu to Owerri and to Okigwe, celebrations and songs of joy have engulfed our state. God has done a wonderful thing in Imo state, and we shall forever praise His name.

Let us begin by congratulating the Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodimma, on his well-deserved victory at the governorship election that held last Saturday. Imo people spoke loudly with one voice. And the world has heard it.

Across all the 27 local government areas of the state, Governor Uzodimma won clearly, squarely and undisputably. His victory is a testament to Imo people’s genuine desire for a peaceful, united and more prosperous state. It is a fatal blow to the forces of retrogression that conspired to drag Imo into darkness in their desperate quest for state power. The people have won. The collective interest of our state has prevailed. God never fails in vindicating the righteous. Senator Hope Uzodimma is Godsent and the people’s choice.

As we celebrate this victory, it is necessary for Imo people to always remember the lessons which the governorship election has taught us. The lessons are many, and they are fundamental.

First, our progress as a state requires that we must shun those who were prepared to burn down everything in the state for the sake of their self-serving political ambitions. What we witnessed in Imo a few weeks to the election confirmed that some political power seekers in the state, especially those who contrived, aided and abetted the illegal and needless NLC impasse and willfully created the blackout in the state, are truly enemies of Imo state who could hurt the lives and livelihoods of our people just to acquire power. They brought agony, misery and pain upon our people. They are never role models in civilized politicking. The need to start restitution by first apologizing to Imo people.

Second, a segment of the Imo political elite, which cannot boast of bringing any investment to the state to empower our teeming young population, showed incredible readiness to mobilize hundreds of millions of naira to sponsor false narratives in the national media about our state. This is deeply pathetic.

To pursue their agenda of regime change, they painted the wrong picture of an Imo that has become uninhabitable; a land of blood and fire. One of them appeared on national television to describe our dear state as a devastated battlefield. They scared away potentials investors from our state with these false, scary narratives. This is the pattern of politics which Imo people must now stand up against.

Third, by engaging purely in diatribes, propaganda wars, sabotage and desperate blackmails against Imo state, the defeated power seekers displayed shocking lack of preparation for leadership. It would have been catastrophic for our state to fall into the hands of those who never prepared for governance, people who have no agenda for the welfare and well-being of the people. Giving them power would have meant a victory for bloodshed and the triumph of evil over good. It would have been really catastrophic!

Further, even in the face of the provocations, set-ups and landmines, Governor Uzodimma maintained civility, political maturity and statesmanship in steering the Imo affairs. He never lost focus. He was steady like a lamp in a windless place. He was firm like a tower whose summit never shakes. He demonstrated leadership amid turbulence. He has now raised the bar in conflict resolution, political engineering and constructive engagement. Governor Uzodimma is the Game Changer!

It is really heartwarming that Imo people took note of all these realities. The people’s knowledge of the truth guided their decision to return the Governor for a second term to the shame of the enemies of our state.

IPM, therefore, thanks Imo people for remaining resolute in their support for the Governor. There is no better time to be proud of our state than now.

What is really important to quickly highlight is that the roles and contributions of IPM’s field officers at the grassroots on election day were enormous and effective, and, as the Convener of this grand Movement, I wish to sincerely thank all of them for keeping faith with our Movement and working so hard for our collective victory.

IPM, finally, appeals to other political parties and candidates who participated in the election to embrace patriotism and display the attitude of true sportsmen. They should not see electoral defeat as the end of their desire to make impact or contribute to the growth of our state. They should place Imo first and genuinely come forward to support the government with suggestions and proposals about how the Imo of our collective dreams could be attained. This is the right approach towards building a flourishing Imo state.

Thank you so much for your gracious attention. And may God bless Imo state.

Congratulations, the People’s Governor!
Congratulations, Onwa Oyoko!
Congratulations, the Record Breaker!
Congratulations, the Game Changer!


Hon. Eugene Dibiagwu,
National Convener/Facilitator, IPM.

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