PRINCESS HOTEL: What fell down was form work for reinforced concrete slab – IMSG

imsgThe attention of the state government has been drawn to the media report claiming that the Princess Hotel, Okigwe has collapsed.

Following such media reports on the mega-project, patriotic citizens of the state have been calling to know the truth on the claimed collapse of the hotel.

We therefore wish to state as follows:

1. The Princess Hotel in Okigwe is an on-going project that has not got to a level one would say it has collapsed. In other words, the Princess Hotel has not collapsed because the project is still at its elementary stage.

2. What fell down was the form-work for the reinforced concrete slab, which the Engineers handling the project said could not have fallen without being hit with hard object. A claim that has also raised the issue of sabotage.

princess hotel

3. It is also interesting to note that the people who had rushed to the media, including the social media to raise the alarm that the Princess Hotel has collapsed are the same people who have been telling their audience that the project does not exist.

4. It is therefore unfortunate that few elements in the state have decided not to see the numerous achievements of the state government in less than three years, but are only interested in negative stories about the government.

The government wishes to reiterate that the Princess Hotel project is in progress and has not got to the level one would claim that it has collapsed.


The suspicion that the form-work for the reinforced concrete slab was forced down with a strong object has been taken note of. And the government has already taken steps to investigate the suspicion of sabotage.


S. Onwuemeodo
Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media



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