Presidential Surprise: Prof. Viola Onwuliri replaces Lady Ada Okwonu on Ministerial list!!

No long story.

Without much ado, please join IMO STATE BLOG in congratulating Prof.Mrs. Viola Onwuliri for dribbling her way to the Ministerial List. From the first goal post at the Imo State House of Assembly to the Nigerian Senate . . Madam Onwuliri did not look back in trashing her fellow PDP Striker, Lady Ada Okwuonu to score 1-0 in the Friendly Match for the Ministerial Appointment.

Apparently, Pres.Goodluck Jonathan was put under a lot of pressure following the nomination of Lady Ada Okwuonu in his first Ministerial List sent to the Senate.  As if it was a Political taboo, top politicians went as far as travelling to meet with Mr.President to lobby against her nomination.   On this note,  unless Pres. Jonathan intends to pull another surprise, can confidently say that  Her Excellency WILL NOT be part of the Federal Cabinet.

(The above statement is Subject to the final drama episode from the Presidency. Please stay tuned.)

Anyway, News of this latest  development seems  to be widely celebrated by indigenes of the State. Some say Lady Ada Okwuonu would have been a sidon- look Minister. Since she could not account for anything in her immediate Community  during her time as Deputy Governor of the State, she would be useless in the Presidents Cabinet for Imo people in general.

Please do not shoot the Messenger. I am only a mouth piece. If you disagree, kindly comment your reasons and list any accomplishments of Lady Okwuonu that you know.

This move by Mr. President didnt come as a big surprise really. . . . I am sure alot of us believe that  Prof.Mrs.Viola Onwuliri will make Imo proud at the  Federal level. Definitely a much better face for us than ________ in my opinion.

On that note,   for all other young women  like myself who are moving ahead with Prof.Viola Onwuliri, please tune up your Speaker volume and join me in dancing the egwu ukwu to this song as we rejoice with Nda Vio!

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